My Health My Community- graphic recording at the launch

We’re at a crucial time for health care planning, and we need good data to make decisions in our cities and health systems.

My Health, My Community is a new health survey that will gather that important data.

What kind of data? My health is partly about “me” –  my biology, lifestyle, and health care – but importantly, many factors that make up my health are connected to my community. Do I have safe housing, income, access to parks, clean air, healthy food, do I feel connected and safe? These all influence my health. This MHMC survey will connect these factors with geography in new ways.

The launch event brought together 8 health experts to talk about the effects of good data in building healthy communities. I was there to capture the discussion and key points with live graphic recording over two hours. I drew while the presenters shared and the event was livestreamed. The emerging visuals were there for people to follow along. The final image is available on the #MHMC website.

Health and social determinants of health are some of my favorite topics to draw, so I’m especially pleased at how well this image came out. I hope the MHMC website, video, outreach teams and this visual engage people to take the survey at

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