Bicycle safety illustrations in Momentum

I used to grab my free copy of Momentum magazine from a bike store on Commercial Drive back when Momentum was printed on newsprint and it was run on a shoestring. bicycle safety- distance from cars, maps, communicating, pumping tires

Now there’s full colour photos, international articles, and better yet- Momentum partners with the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition (thank you for more bike lanes and better signage, VACC!) to provide discounted subscriptions to members. My favorite parts continue to be the legal column and of course, comics.I made these drawings directly in Illustrator and due to a tight turnaround, there weren’t other drafts beforehand. The colours changed significantly from a red/blue palette to the greens and pinks you see now.

I’m happy to see Momentum celebrating its 6th birthday. Congrats on expanding the breadth of articles and pushing the design overall.

Bike safe!


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