Mary Timony pedal board painting

It was a friend’s birthday recently, and I wanted to paint Mary Timony’s pedal board for him. I was inspired by an extremely long thread on Facebook between a few people identifying her gear. It was from the November 2011 show at the Biltmore in Vancouver, BC. I know know that I took some creative liberties with the cords, but anyway, it turned out like this:

It turned out like this:mary timony pedal board painting guitar wild flag


  1. R says:

    Hey! Nice painting! May I ask where you read that thread, was it on the Wild Flag fan page or something? I’m also trying to identify her gear 😉

    • sbradd says:

      Thanks! Friends went to the show and snapped a picture. Turns out that I got the connections between the pedals a bit wrong, but otherwise it’s accurate.

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