Slideshare: 20 Expert tips for Supporting Diversity in Graphic Recording

As a graphic recorder or facilitator, how do you “Listen for Diversity”? Many of us are working in specialized fields and it’s not one size fits all. Now for the first time, you can read expert advice from over 20 visual practitioners – in an easy to read Slideshare. 

It’s about starting a conversation, not about finding one answer. As visual practice expands, it’s an exciting time for us to share techniques that work for practitioners, clients, and communities. Enjoy!

[slideshare id=77567538&doc=ivfpslideslisteningfordiversity2017-07-170706082445]

Why this topic, and why now? This month, I hosted a session called Listening for Diversity at the 2017 International Forum of Visual Practitioners conference, and almost half the conference attended – which was exciting.

I wanted the workshop to include as many voices as possible – including people who aren’t able to make this year’s conference, and to amplify what’s working well for practitioners. So before the workshop, I reached out to the graphic recording community for insights.

Diversity comes in infinite forms — race, gender, cultures, age, and abilities to just name a few. Through their insights and experience, these graphic facilitators show that it’s vitally important that our work be responsive to the people with whom we’re collaborating, and that we all take time to reflect on the choices we make.

With thanks to the folks who took the time to share their thoughts and tips!

image by lindsay roffe, ink factory


To read even more about visual practice and listening, cultural safety, and working cross-culturally, visit our new anthology Drawn Together Through Visual Practice. 

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