Lions Gate Wastewater Treatment – visualization

Secondary wastewater treatment plants are big infrastructure projects, and I’m glad visuals are helping to engage people in a conversation about the plans. The Lions Gate wastewater treatment plant in North Vancouver will be upgraded to secondary treatment to comply with new federal and provincial standards by 2020.

I was invited to be the graphic facilitator at the June Public Advisory Committee meeting. Coordinated by Metro Vancouver, the Public Advisory Committee is one part of a comprehensive consultation. As the group introduced themselves and talked about the project’s potential, I captured what they were saying by drawing live on large posters.

The first poster introduces the Public Advisory Committee, who ‘all want clean water’ and to ‘collaborate across sectors’. The second poster is about how the PAC can help realize the project’s ‘full potential’. Their questions include, how can infrastructure be attractive? where can public education fit? what will take advantage of the full site?

Lions Gate wastewater treatment graphic facilitation image public advisory committee meeting june 26

Lions Gate wastewater treatment image public advisory committee meeting


To read background documents, see agendas, and learn more, please visit the Metro Vancouver website here.

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