Keynotes Coming Up – with Drawing Change team members

Two opportunities to learn with folks from Drawing Change coming up, online!

Facilitating Safer, Braver and Inclusive Virtual Spaces: Webinar

Michelle Buchholz and Adriana Contreras are presenting a webinar keynote for Tech Soup Canada on Oct 29th, 2020:

“Have you been attending or organizing more virtual meetings since the pandemic? Are you interested in strategies to design online gatherings that can foster dialogue and change? This webinar will explore examples, tips, and ideas for how to co-create virtual spaces that are safer, braver, and more inclusive. During the hour, you’ll learn about: – The concept of Indigenous cultural safety and how it can be broadly utilized to better understand our shared colonial history – The meaningful involvement of Indigenous peoples in virtual spaces – How to avoid tokenization and steer towards inclusive conversations in your work, including the development of policies to address anti-Indigenous racism within nonprofit organizations.”


Visuals for More Creativity and Engaging Learners Online: Keynote

Sam is presenting as a keynote speaker for this 3-day online conference with BC Campus. This will be a keynote, plus an interactive session (low pressure, choose your own adventure – don’t worry!). Then, don’t miss Day 2 with Vanessa Richards and Day 3 with Arley Cruthers.  This is 3 days informed by studio learning approaches offered in a mix of modes:

  • Live online sessions and interactive spaces
  • Learning activities and application of knowledge
  • Places for collaboration and co-creation
  • and there’s childcare for members of BC Campus! 

Registration: Free for students in post-secondary in BC, $150 for everyone else 


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