Infographic for the Dr Peter Centre building anniversary

The Dr Peter Centre celebrated the 10th anniversary of their building, and this infographic tells the story of their 2003, the distinctive Dr Peter Centre opened in Vancouver, sam bradd, artist, vancouver, image, infographic, illustration, Dr Peter AIDS Foundation, Dr Peter Centre, HIV, Vancouver BC, model of care, poverty, mental health, union, illustrator, best practice, vector, best practice, visualization, visual learners, infographic, mind map, visual practitioner, creativity, information design, educator, non-profit, progressive, environment, sustainability, community, health, youth, empowerment, justice, leadership, health care

From the outside, the building is distinctive. It combines a heritage house with a modern building. But it’s the inside that is even more striking. Their unique model of care provides support to people living with HIV who are also impacted by poverty, mental health, addictions, and homelessness. The Dr Peter Centre provide meals, clinical contacts, residential care, and much needed supports.




Congratulations to the Dr Peter Centre on their achievements, and here’s to their continued, important work. Consider donating at


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