Illustrations for the YMCA’s strategic plan

YMCA illustrated strategic plan visuals illustration Here’s a great idea to make your strategic plan an evergreen document – make sure people see it every day! I created these illustrations for the YMCA of Greater Vancouver‘s strategic plan, and then Signi Solmundson (VP Marketing and Communications) creatively printed them on a planter, so people could centre the strategic plan plan right on their desk.

The project: Demonstrate the Y’s strategic plan for 2015-2017 to community, stakeholders, and leaders.

The solution: Unique illustrations for the 2015-2017 strategic plan, including a hand-lettered diagram, custom vector illustrations, and icons.

The result: A truly evergreen document that fosters engagement. The illustrations have just enough detail that you can see something new each time – encouraging people to look at the images and poster, pick up the report, and return to the concepts over and over.

The drawing process: Folks are usually curious about my process, so I thought I’d share. When I work live doing graphic recording, I always use paper and markers. But in-studio I have more options, including digital tools. I’ve always wanted to bring watercolour and infographic-like design together, and this project gave me just the right opportunity I wanted. The hand lettering was drawn digitally, and the watercolour background was done by hand. The digital illustrations were drawn directly into the computer using my Wacom tablet.

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