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Philip is the visionary behind Home Harvest Farms, sturdy planters for indoor food production. His vision includes communities growing food everywhere. For him, intensive, local food production opposes climate change by protecting the climate, transforming the economy, connecting with nature, and rebuilding community. He contacted me about bringing these four concepts to life in two paintings:

Home Harvest Farms- climate change illustration, local food production, urban agriculture

Home Harvest Farms can look like this:

Home Harvest Farms- indoor setting
In the home, classroom, Commons...

Here’s a look at some of my sketchbook for this project.

Home Harvest Farms- sketch

My own draft stage had multiple sketches, and then Philip and I reworked concepts in our meetings.

Home Harvest Farms- sketch

Home Harvest Farms- sketch

The groupings move around as I sketched.

The couple bartering carrots for bread remained mostly in the same place, but the foreground shifted especially as I wanted an “S” shape to move the eye through the picture.

I disconnected the city that we’re leaving behind (left side) from the foreground, so pollution from heavy industry didn’t flow into the food production.

Home Harvest Farms

I noticed that my early sketches had a perspective that was quite far away. By the end of the drafts, the viewer is much closer to the action, and almost right in the garden.

In all, I made at least 6 drafts in pen and 3 in colour (like the one on the left) before moving to the final pencil, pen, and watercolour stage. The final output was a pen and watercolour painting as well as digital files.

Home Harvest Farms: www.homeharvestfarms.com


  1. Lia K N says:

    I love your work. There’s something playful about it that makes me smile. Maybe it’s the positivity that radiates from envisioning the community you would like to create.

  2. Philip Be'er says:

    I came to Sam with a clear idea of my goals for these images and through the many stages of drawing we edged closer and closer to the target. The final images are exceptional in their beauty and in their capacity to communicate the messages that we’d identified. What an artist and an educator Sam is (sounds like a sentence from Dr Seuss)!
    To visit the presentation that was created out of this image, visit http://www.homeharvestfarms.com/CHANGE%20Presentation.pdf

    Philip Be’er

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