Hastings Sunrise Garden Tour

In our Hastings Sunrise neighbourhood I bike past chicken coops, orderly rows of beans where lawns used to be, and see the odd beehive here and there.

And now helpfully, there’s a tour to help me snoop in other people’s gardens. The first Hastings Sunrise Garden Tour happens July 23rd, 2011: http://sunrisecommons.org/garden-tour/.

Garden Tour Hastings Sunrise and Village Vancouver neighbourhood group sustainability tour

Thanks to Megan and Brian, all the supporting households, and funding from the neighbourhood grants program. I was able to contribute with a poster- working with pen and watercolours to make the illustration.



  1. garden tours says:

    Nice blog! thumbs up. i really thank you for sharing this with us. By the way does the Hastings Sunrise Garden Tour happens yearly? I love my kids to be there so they will see lot of educational things and they will learn a lot. I subscribed this so I’ll be always updated about this, thanks again. 🙂

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