Graphic recording – social media packages to amplify your message

You’ve heard “Create Once, Publish Everywhere”.

You have your beautiful, brand new graphic recording images. It’s right after the event, and you know social media is still an incredible tool to a great tool to disseminate the info widely! But – do you need help optimizing the images for social? Too busy?  We have a brand new offering: we can repackage your graphic recordings into bite-sized, social media ready content for you. We have three offerings to make it simple: bronze, silver and gold (with video slideshow).

Social media algorithms love fresh new image content. During events, you might integrate graphic recording to help participants collaborate, see connections, and come to great decisions. And, afterwards, you can integrate these images into your social media strategy to reach new audiences.

Our graphic recording packages already include a full-sized image for web (no extra charge, it’s included). You can absolutely post that to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – and be good to go! And sometimes, great social media strategy includes using multiple closeup images, carousels, longer engagement, and other things that keep the algorithms happy so more people see your great messages.

Let’s Create Once, Publish Everywhere by repackaging your graphic recordings into bite-sized, social media ready content for you. Here are three options:

Bronze Package: 5 detail images

Bronze Package - drawing change graphic recording social media packages


Silver Package: 8 detail images plus branded cover image

Gold Package: all of the above plus video 

Send us a quick note at and we’ll send you a quote for the social media packages. Thanks!

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