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The First Nations Major Projects Coalition (FNMPC) works to enhance the economic well-being of its members, with the recognition that economic strength can only grow through rich culture, language, and the expression of traditional laws. The FNMPC’s annual report was just released and we’re honoured to be noted in the contributions for the graphic recording sessions. The Drawing Change team created visuals to support FNMPC’s empowering meetings and workshops in multiple communities this past year.

Celebrating Collaboration through Graphic Recording

graphic recording First Nations Major Projects Coalition sam braddThe FNMPC continues to grow each year in its reach and strength in members. As a community-based organization focused on working together across 5 provinces and 1 territory, they are supporting each other in major project opportunities that focus on Indigenous equity ownership on projects proposed for their territories.

This visual work by Sam focussed on amplifying this spirit of cooperation and collaboration among the 60+ First Nations members of the FNMPC. The graphic recording below had a unique process: Sam drew a series of posters over the detailed, two day meeting that summarized a large amount of technical information. Then, Sam set up a second easel where he was able to draw a second poster, adding details to it slowly over two days to create a summary image. The result is a summary image that is featured in the annual report:


Supporting Economic Strength & Ownership

“The heart of the Coalition is found in the strength our members provide by showing their continued willingness to work together. It is this spirit of collaboration that has united our interests and keeps us moving forward. The success the Coalition has achieved can be directly attributed to our members desire to do better and achieve more for their communities and their people.” – Chief Sharleen Gale, Fort Nelson, First Nation Chair, First Nations Major Projects Coalition

Our work visually supported meetings focused on the importance of maintaining ownership of major projects proposed in their territories. Not only to safeguard resources and traditional laws on the land, and also to ensure the opportunities of economic growth remain with each First Nation.

Annalee travelled to Lheidli T’enneh to support the FNMPC for the Coalition Member’s meeting, where important dialogues were held including about environmental stewardship.

So much is said in this quote, “the land doesn’t belong to us, we belong to the land.”

graphic recording First Nations Major Projects Coalition Drawing Change

Whether it’s a technical meeting, a policy briefing, or strategic planning – reach out to the team at Drawing Change to help bring your meetings to life visually. And, read the full report here, on the FNMPC website.

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