Graphic recording, flipbook, and video for VYPER

It was a great honour to team up with Valley Youth Partnership for Engagement and Respect (VYPER) – a critically needed youth-adult collaborative project that ran from 2014 to 2016, across the Fraser Health region of BC.

Their mission was to create a community where all youth are healthy, sage, engaged, have meaningful opportunities, and feel like they belong. The project’s aim was to help reduce stigma around mental health and substance use issues, and shows that young people are capable of being active participants in decision-making and contributing to the success of community members.

Tiaré Jung at Drawing Change made this flipbook with iconic images to make “adult youth partnerships” look as awesome as they really are.

he Drawing Change team collaborated with the folks at VYPER on a number of projects:

  • live graphic recordings performed at the VYPERence conference so we could validate and capture youth voices in their own words;
  • focus group program evaluations with graphic recording so we could gather input from service providers in a visually useful way,
  • dozens of quick illustrations that we made into a printed flip-book,
  • then the same illustrations turned into videos with the help of Daniel Ugsang at VYPER.

Sam’s Graphic Recording


A sample of Tiare’s Graphic Recordings


These live recordings show how VYPER focus on empowering youth through meaningful collaboration and consultation. For more on the final outcome of the project, see the resilience report here. 

Below is the introductory video that kicked off the series, and which maps out the 4 core principles of the project: 1) clarifying, 2) building, 3) allyship, and 4) to get ready! See here for the remaining videos.

Intro video for series on VYPER’s 4 core principles. Illustration and writing credits by Tiare.

VYPER is an amazing model, and we’re honoured that we were asked to participate to find ways to empower youth through engagement.

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