Graphic Recording- behind the scenes with PovNet

graphic recording vancouver bc

I created a graphic recording for PovNet’s annual visioning session. PovNet and PovNetU provide important online tools, including facilitated courses, for anti-poverty advocates in BC and Canada.

As a graphic recorder, I work in real-time by drawing 6-foot images. The images are big so people can engage and reflect in the moment, and then afterwards I resize the images for easy online sharing and printing.

One of the challenges with working ‘big’ is the setup.

I need a flat working surface. Painted walls are best. Sometimes hotels will have textured wallpaper which doesn’t work because tape won’t stick to it, and the texture distorts my writing. In this case, I’ll set up with foamcore between two easels.

PovNet had the most creative setup for me that I’ve seen.

graphic recording vancouver povnet setup with bookcase

The organizers propped up the foamcore against the built-in bookcase, laid two books on their side to extend a mini-shelf, and it created a perfect easel. We put two pieces of tape at the top for extra security and it was great. Their creativity with this mini-problem obviously extends to the great work that they do. Thanks folks!

A sample of the PovNet image is above, and click here to see full image in my portfolio. 



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