Graphic recording at Japanese Canadian Youth Leaders Conference

Sam Bradd and graphic recording at Japanese Canadian Youth Leaders Conference 2014
Nikkei Voice photo by Matthew O’Mara

At the 2014 Japanese Canadian Young Leaders Conference, youth talked about their role in becoming an active community. Using graphic recording, we co-created a workshop to help get their ideas into the room, onto paper, and connected across Canada.

My favorite quote of the day:

“History is a process for locating yourself and who you are – especially if you’re mixed.”

Powerful words.

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Youth conference-facilitation handoutHow we used graphic recording at the 2014 JCYLC.

  • Session design maximized capturing information in youth’s own words
  • Youth facilitator at each table
  • Visuals during report out –  supported clarity helped make connections
  • Presentation to larger group the next day included the poster
  • And we set up each table for creativity – post-its, markers, origami paper, pipe cleaners to build ideas….

During the report-outs I loved seeing the engagement between the participants presenting, and also the interaction between the participants and the images.






JCYLC- presentations

Next day: instant presentation visuals

Then, the next day – the graphic recording was a tool to share the big picture. The youth leaders presented a summary of their session to the National Committee- and the graphic recording was the background. The visual summary was an organized way to also show the NAJC leadership what happened at the session.


nikkei voice newspaper

Interview with Nikkei Voice

The Toronto-based Nikkei Voice newspaper interviewed me afterwards. Here’s Matthew O’Mara’s interview with me. Thanks, Matthew! 


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