What we see in graphic facilitation is a reflection of our sector, too

graphic facilitation for change example - culture engineI keep a list of what participants say to me about the visuals after a graphic facilitation session. My big take-away – as someone who visits many sectors – is that we are all looking for ways to understand each other.

Every sector has a unique take on why graphic facilitation – or visual thinking – helps them.

It’s a mirror into how you see your own sector. 

Your adrenal system must be firing all day long, say the naturopaths.

It’s a very left brain, right brain balance, says the HR manager.

graphic facilitation for strategic planningIt’s a clear way to motivate my sales team, says the grocery store manager.

You’ve put emotion into this – as well as pictures, say the trauma counsellors.

You must get nervous before you go on, says the keynote speaker.

You’ve designed the perfect gift and excuse to reconnect with people in a few days, says the marketing manager.

It’s another art-based way to share traditional Indigenous knowledge, says the Elder.

You must have the best job in the world, says the online engagement officer.

But how does your brain work inside, asks the veterinarian.

Counseling is a reframing, and so this is a functional reframe, says the trauma counselor.
graphic facilitation in health
These are just some of my favorites. There’s truth in all of it.

I’ve been tracking this list on my phone for a year – and I love learning what resonates with you. It could be one picture, but it’s many interpretations, towards shared understanding.

What else have noticed when you’re in a room with graphic facilitation?  Leave a comment!

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Sam Bradd is the principal of Drawing Change. He uses visuals to help groups be better at what they do. In the last 15 years, he’s collaborated with researchers on four continents, the World Health Organization, Google, and Indigenous organizations. His new book is Drawn Together Through Visual Practice –> check it out here. 

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