Giving Back

At Drawing Change, we believe in giving back – building the field and growing community. Here are some of our commitments.

Two Community Scholars at the signature Drawing Change workshop (link)

By application, to support people working in community, grassroots, and social justice movements. So many professional development are expensive, and assume that participants are being sponsored by well-funded organizations. Instead, Drawing Change wants to spread the skills widely and with an equity lens. Priority is given to self-identified Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour under 30(ish), and the Community Scholar positions include free workshop, all materials, 1:1 mentoring before and after the program, plus a paid work opportunity.

Graphic Recorder Accelerator Program (new): 

New in 2018: an early professional career grant of $5000 worth of paid work, for a graphic recorder to accelerate their career. This is a self-directed opportunity to create original work or create work for preferred clients. The 2018-2019 graphic recorder in this program is Michelle Buchholz.  

Volunteer spaces during the signature Drawing Change workshop (2017, 2018)

Mentorship and Volunteering with IFVP

Annual mentoring at the International Forum of Visual Practitioners conferences (2016-2018) and co-hosting a free training about bias in visual facilitation (2018)

Prioritizing how we partner 

We prioritize work in the social impact sector, with Indigenous communities, and communities of colour. Drawing Change prioritizes matching graphic recorders to support work in their own communities wherever possible.