getting back to pen and ink

pen drawing of two people with dark skin breathing words Sometimes my illustration work is labour intensive. Sketching, sending files back and forth for feedback, sore wrists from hours at the computer screen and piles of eraser detrius all over the floor.

illustration of a garden with flowers and food done in watercolour and pen
And then sometimes it’s easy, like the familiar feeling of walking down a path I know. I pick up the paintbrush and I work without thinking about it. The colours make sense, it’s quiet, and I lose all sense of time. I like this flow. I don’t rely on it for inspiration. I just accept and welcome it when it arrives.

Some small projects lately used watercolour and I’m happy to have this creative place to draw from. Part of the joy in painting this week was rediscovering ink instead of pens/markers. I usually use waterproof pens of one kind or another, but tried a pen nib with some cheap ink I found in the back of the drawer. Maybe part of the letting go and finding the painting flow came from not worrying about wasting materials, or making something ‘good’. Whatever the muse, I’m happy it visited this week.


*sorry for the repost, I posted to the old website yesterday. 

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