Food is a Labour of Love – Canadian Labour Congress

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Each winter, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) organizes a Winter School for people who are active in their unions and workplaces to learn and share skills. The CLC gives a token of appreciation to their Winter School instructors, and this year the gifts came from local artisans. I silkscreened and created these images on teatowels, and they were paired with a handmade cutting board from a Fraser Valley woodworker.

My first  design is a custom illustration that says “Food is a Labour of Love” with vegetables and tools for cooking. I wanted to include vegetables because it points to the people who pick and grow our food. I think it’s great to think about the person who cooks our food, but behind every famous foodie or chef is a farmer. Many farm workers are often invisible – especially temporary foreign workers – and these workers also deserve our attention and respect. The second image says “local food matters” with illustrated carrots, strawberries and tomatoes which are grown in the Lower Mainland.

The CLC represents over 3 million workers and is organizing for better wages, safe workplaces, human rights, the environment — because all workers deserve health and dignity. As a unionized freelancer I support the labour movement – you know, “the folks that brought you the weekend.”


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