First WHO Infodemiology Conference and Graphic Recording

Graphic recording supported the 1st World Health Organization Infodemiology Conference. Scientists (of all kinds!) will work closely together to manage the infodemic – and create evidence-based interventions. The days that I get to work with the WHO are the days I pinch myself, frankly. Some things I learned:

– We have to better understand *why* people share misinformation
– Shaming people for sharing misinfo doesn’t work
– Work with people we don’t agree with
– Be humble and authentic in our messages
– Inoculate people who are undecided, engage with them
– People respond to information in a cultural context; technology alone can’t solve misinformation problems
– Network theory (physics and sociologists on the team!) made a map of all FB pages that mention vaccination and it’s not what they expected

scientific talks – absolutely fascinating and images below:…/info…/1st-who-infodemiology-conference
the public talks are here, drawn live in 20 mins each:…/pre-conference-1st-who-infodemiology-…

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