FASD Awareness Day and a brand new handmade explainer video

Let’s talk about brain differences on #FASDAwarenessDay! We supported the Asante Centre to create new resources about Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, including this new explainer sketch video, drawn entirely by hand. 


FASD Facts:

  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder is an invisible disability
  • There are more than 300+ combinations of how FASD affects the brain
  • Over 1.9M people in Canada meet the criteria
  • Up to 30% of incarcerated people have FASD (!), and so many youth with FASD become incarcerated ….

Explainer Whiteboard Videos

This video was drawn entirely by hand by team member Annalee Kornelsen, and edited by videographer Elvira Parent. Fun fact: they are childhood friends collaborating on creative projects! We support organizations who have important stories to tell with one of a kind explainer videos. This one was created with a through storyboard process, then drawn with watercolour and markers with detailed illustrations. The powerful narration by Katrina Griffin brings it to life. 

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