How does graphic recording work?

Graphic recording takes place on large (6 or 8-foot) sheets of paper on a flat drawing surface. The process happens live. I listen and capture the ideas into pictures that tell the story. Everyone can see what’s happening and feels engaged with the event.

Can we get the pictures digitally after?

Absolutely! After the session, images are digitized and sent to you. They can be emailed and printed easily. You also keep the originals.

We want to engage our audience at our event. Can you help?

Yes! We can design an activity or engagement that suits your needs. In person, I’ve engaged crowds at trade shows, annual general meetings, in hallways at conferences, and helped people draw their own ideas at recognition events … I have fun helping others be creative.

We can use technology to create an experience too:  integrate these visuals into livestreaming, or project the drawing onto a wall so people can follow along.

How can you understand our specific field/ niche and then draw it?

I’m not an expert in your field, but I have “facilitator ears”. I bring 15 years’ experience in facilitation. A skilled graphic recorder is able to understand the connecting themes of group discussions as they happen. It includes listening, reading verbal and non-verbal cues, and being able to assess and synthesize the groups’ needs in the moment. I’m also adaptable – the privilege of this work means I’m exposed to a broad range of fields. (Ask me about the recent academic neuroethics conference … if I can do that, I’m pretty sure anything’s possible!)

You can read my full bio on the About page.

What can I do with the images after?

You can do almost anything with the images afterwards. You will have copyright to use these custom images online, in print, and in-person. Some suggestions:

  • Use in a report’s executive summary
  • Improve your Powerpoints with cropped, smaller images
  • Improve the cover of a report 
  • Email them to attendees as a keepsake
  • Distribute to staff as an ongoing reminder of goals and plans, mission statements
  • Print them as part of followup and next steps
  • Engage on social media
  • Create an event wall or gallery – start a dialogue in the board room or hallway
  • Display with academic poster presentations
  • Display at an Open House 
  • Create takeaway calendars, keepsake prints, cards, or promotional items for event attendees
  • Make a Prezi and zoom into the details

…. The possibilities are endless.

We have a facilitator for our event, does that matter?

That sounds perfect. I love collaborating. 

What supplies are needed?

All my supplies are included in my services— all you need to provide is a flat and smooth working surface.

What do your fees include?

My fees include our prep work and research, our time together, and professional post-production editing of the images. You’ll receive PDF files and JPGs for web and social media. The original posters are returned to you.

I get it, but can you also draw reports and documents? We want to work with you but aren’t having a meeting.

Yes. I love visualizing data. I work with a variety of methods.

We can use graphic recording techniques without working “live”. I’ve transformed information into posters for academic conferences, presentations, and for briefing packages. We can be in different cities for this process, too. Read more about my approach to drawing reports and documents here.

If your complex data needs clarity, I also create vector-based infographics, diagrams, and illustrations for print and web.

What about confidentiality?

Confidentiality, privacy, and sensitivity to information and/or individuals are often a concern. Prior to your session, we will discuss your unique requirements. I can sign NDAs. Confidentiality and respect are assured, and all supporting documents are handled to your specifications both before and after the meeting.

Is it a movie?

It’s not a movie, but images from sessions can be made into time-lapse videos for a separate fee. I work closely with a partner filmmaker to create videos that are great for hosting on YouTube, sharing the power of your organization’s story, and keeping the momentum going.

I’m interested. What do I do now?

To book a session, or for more information, please email me at I can answer your questions via phone or email, listen to what your group needs to support its best work, and provide insights into how graphic recording can support your goals.

Based in Vancouver, B.C., I’m also available for travel.