Drawing Solidarity with CoDev Canada

I was invited to bring graphic recording to the 2012 CoDevelopment Canada Annual General Meeting. CoDev builds partnerships for global justice between Canadians and Latin American, and “solidarity” is at the core of their vision and mission.

Solidarity means something different to everyone who supports CoDev. I set up in the back of the meeting space (the great community cafe Rhizome). CoDev members, Board members, and staff told me what solidarity meant in their lives, and then I drew it. There were many messages- walking together, building bridges, or working towards a common goal. For CoDev supporters, solidarity changes international development work for the better, especially for labour and union rights, women’s rights, and communities in Canada and in Latin America.

Graphic recording is a flexible way to bring visuals into meetings or events. In this example, I engaged people one-on-one for their contributions and all I needed was a flat wall to work. In other graphic recording examples, I work as a silent supporting partner alongside a main facilitator during meetings, events, or conferences. In either case, visuals engage people deeply and differently.

CoDev CoDevelopment Canada AGM Graphic Recording of solidarity- building partnerships for global justice


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