Digital Graphic Recordings – tips for great online meetings

The best part about being part of a wide facilitation network – being surrounded by talented colleagues who offer great trainings! I recently attended more than 20 hours of how to move your meetings effectively online, and I brought my ipad for live digital graphic recording at the same time. We use graphic recording and digital graphic facilitation to amplify the important work of organizations and help people meet better, together. And our team is able to transition our work to the virtual space – what’s most important overall is helping your meeting to be effective, have impact, and allow participants to feel heard.

Here are some of the best tips from recent, great trainings by our colleagues at, Training for Change, the Beehive Collective and more. Each of these digital graphic recordings was created live during meetings that ranged from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

And, for a great how-to resource, check out the free e-book below from Training for Change.

live digital graphic recording during webinar live digital graphic recording during training for change facilitating online workshop live graphic recording during training for change webinar techniques

live graphic recording during beehive productions facilitation training leading groups online - free book from training for change

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