Decoda Literacy Solutions and Graphic Recording

A visual summary at a conference discussing the need for a Literacy and Essential Skills strategy for BC. The image is a series of key points and smaller pictures, with a central image of people shaking hands standing on different literacy building blocks- economic, reading, writing, lifeskills, work. sam bradd, artist, vancouver, image, what is graphic recording, what is graphic facilitation, illustration, Decoda Literacy Solutions, Literacy and Essential Skills, strategy for BC, art based community building, what is collaboration, union, illustrator, best practice, vector, best practice, visualization, visual learners, infographic, graphic design, mind map, mind mapping, visual practitioner, creativity, sketch noters, visual notetaking, consultant, facilitator, visual thinking, information architects, visual synthesis, graphic translation, group graphics, and ideation specialists, live drawing, group facilitation, group collaborative work, world cafe, conference, information design, information designers, virtual coaches, educator, non-profit, progressive, environment, sustainability, community, health, indigenous, aboriginal, youth, teens, adult learners, adult education, empowerment, justice, leadership, team building,Literacy is more than just reading and writing. In this graphic recording visual, Decoda Literacy Solutions convened a cross-sector gathering in March 2013 to discuss a BC Workforce Literacy and Essential Skills Strategy.

Together, literacy and essential skills help people in every aspect of their lives – from decision making, participation, civic engagement, workplace safety and beyond. Stronger skills mean stronger communities.

And I learned it’s a strong business case, too – the return on investment is expected to be over 1400%.

Graphic recording helped pull together the themes visually at the end of the last afternoon session.

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