Custom map illustrating Vancouver Kingsway

Vancouver Kingsway Map with illustrations of important services and public schools
Illustrated map of the Vancouver-Kingsway federal riding with important services

This is a custom illustrated map for Vancouver Kingsway, showing important services and amenities in the area. It is 3 feet by 3 feet and will show people visiting the office what’s in their community easily.

It was made for the Constituency Office of Adrian Dix, Member of the Legislative Assembly. His Constituency Assistant staff play an important role in the community. They’re like librarians, community navigators, and researchers all rolled in to one. Need to locate the nearest neighborhood school if you’re moving? Where are the services for seniors and co-op housing? Or how to appeal a Medical Services Plan decision? The Constituency Assistants receive all sorts of questions, and sometimes the answer isn’t “it’s on Google”. Not everyone has a computer and not everyone has the specific literacy to find what they need.

An interesting thing about this map is that the streets aren’t all on the north-south grid. Wikipedia says around 1891 the interurban railway ran on Vanness Avenue (now the Skytrain line), and there was a Collingwood community at Vanness and Joyce. It only joined up to the sprawling Vancouver north-south grid later on.

The banner at the bottom features the public schools in the Vancouver-Kingsway riding. Schools make up an important part of communities, and the ones in Collingwood are at the heart of many activities-  from night school to afterschool care. It was hard to often find a good photo of a school, and I found Google Streetview was very helpful.

I used a combination of tools to design and illustrate this map. The staff gave me a list of hundreds of map points to locate, verify, and label. Information came from many websites including BC Housing, the Vancouver School Board, City of Vancouver, Elections BC, and the Renfrew-Collingwood Legacies Now map.

You can check out the map in person at the Constituency Office: 5022 Joyce Street Vancouver, BC.

Vancouver Kingsway map with important services - featuring public school illustration

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