CUPE Sask: Incredible But True commercial

My favorite line in this Incredible But True commercial: “Check this out: last night, I put out our garbage. This morning …. gone.”  

The mystery is actually brought to you by CUPE Saskatchewan members. This ad takes a lighthearted approach – and stands up for public services.

* * * * *

This work was done for NOW Communications who did the creative direction. Kevin Drysdale and Tomás Ibar from Java Post Productions in Saskatchewan turned my 2-D drawings into the animation.

I provided drawings for the characters, elements, and backgrounds. This project includes some hand-drawn background elements that were brought into the computer for editing. Often, I find working with pen and ink first gives me more control over the line quality compared to working straight on a digital drawing tablet. Sometimes it’s the other way around, and I start out with the tablet. There’s enough subtlety in the line quality that makes it more interesting than a perfectly smooth effect.

Since I didn’t go to film school, I’m amazed at how I send off vector files and they come back walking and talking. Java Post wrote up on their blog about transforming flat drawings into 3-D figures that interact in a 2-D environment. What I really liked is how NOW Communications and Java Post envisioned a variety of different “camera” angles for the animation – it really works with the short, punchy dialogue.

And the next time I enjoy clean tap water, I’ll remember the public services workers who are proud to make it happen.


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