Berlin’s EuViz 2014 visual thinking conference

I’m headed to Berlin for the EuViz 2014 conference for Visual Thinkers, Practitioners and Facilitators!

A great part about a visual thinking conference is that almost everyone posts sketchnotes and graphic recordings as we go. Follow #EuViz2014 on twitter. I’ll post to instagram and twitter at @sambradd.

Here’s stuff I’m excited about, and can’t wait to meet new people too.

1. Participating in the Graphic Recording 101 Roundtable hosted by Rachel Smith and Lisa Arora.  Got goosebumps when I saw the other invitees, including visual thinking legend David Sibbet.

2. Talking with people about cross-cultural graphic facilitation.

3. Buying new pens and markers.

4. Seeing friends from the IFVP – International Forum of Visual Practitioners. All that long-distance work pays off  in person!

5. Connecting with practitioners  interested in reflective practice. Jennifer Shepherd and I hosted a 6-month online IFVP conversation about this – what questions help us do our best work – before we ever make a mark on the page?

6. Nerding out on the Alternative Berlin tour with roommate and keynote speaker Brandy Agerbeck.

7. Exploring how to offer clients a powerful experience, above and beyond unique visuals – with Michelle Boos-Stone. Also looking forward to being taller than at least one person in workshop if she takes off her heels.

8. Learning about global trends in organizational development and visual thinking.

9. Watching all the different drawing styles, and how people make sense of information using visual techniques.

10. And eating all the things. My favourite part about traveling.

See you in Berlin!

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