Arts Based Community Development graphic recording

This graphic recording was made at a community workshop about the role of Community Arts in “Arts-Based Community Development”. Community Arts is a way for people to build community by making art together. It could be a puppet show about a community issue, or using fallen branches to make environmental art in a park.Image and text from a workshop called Arts Based Community Development, graphic recording at Langara Sustainability School. key words: drawing change, graphic facilitation, vancouver bc, illustration, visual notetaking, sketch note, mind map, facilitator, educator, non-profit, progressive, sustainability, community, illustrator


The workshop also included a report-back. Last fall, the Community Arts Council of Vancouver made a survey that asked, “what does Community Arts mean to you?” Over 180 community members, artists, and funders responded and said it means collaboration, inclusivity, creativity, and more.

Artists Resources Gift Circle Community Arts Council of Vancouver workshop Langara Sustainability School graphic recording

I found some survey responses personally interesting. People said that making art with their community promotes good mental health, and it gives people the confidence to make a difference. Participants said that when art is about community needs, it promotes cooperation instead of profit.

An example of choosing co-operation is an artists’ Gift Circle. At the workshop where I was drawing, participants did their own Gift Circle and many new connections were made that night.

Thank you so much to the Community Arts Council of Vancouver for the invitation.


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