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Our favourite visual facilitation books to add to your backpack

Summer is in full swing – hopefully this means you’re working at a slower pace lately, and maybe have a little extra time to flip a few pages at the beach. Personally, I’m trying to catch up on my reading-for-fun. I asked the Drawing Change team to send me one book that they found helpful …

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They’re Back: Community Scholar & Volunteer Spots at our Fall 2018 Visual Facilitation Workshop!

Community Scholar Spots (2) Drawing Change believes in growing the field of visual practice and so TWO Community Scholar spots and 4 Volunteer Spots are back for our Fall 2018 Visual Facilitation Workshop! *update in August: thanks for the amazing interest and the 2018 spots are full. Stay in touch for early notification for 2019 …

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Marketing Visual Facilitation – with the IAF

From the March edition of the Global Flipchart with the International Association of Facilitators Sometimes I’ll get a call from a client who says: “I don’t know what you do, but I’m told that I need you.” And it’s true. You might not know that you need graphic facilitation, just like you didn’t know you …

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Visual Facilitation workshop in Greater Vancouver – report back

UPDATE: 2017 workshop registration is here! Click here to find out more. Last month, I had the pleasure of teaching a Visual Facilitation workshop to a fantastic group of people. They are colleagues who work in different areas of the same company – from training to IT – so we had a fantastic opportunity to make new …

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Trending- better conference design and visual facilitation

I want you to have better meetings. I’ve noticed a trend for better engagement at conferences, and want this idea to spread. Instead of back-to-back powerpoint presentations where people have to sit and listen for hours, it’s popular to have is a 15 – 30 minute TED-talk presentation followed by pairs or small groups talking about a focussed question. It creates a high …

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Visual Facilitation

Problem Make every meeting memorable. Solution Co-design an agenda that integrates visuals for increased engagement. Visuals for better strategic planning sessions, focus groups, and visioning sessions. I can partner with your facilitator, too. Result Visual templates and activities keep participants focused, so there’s better quality discussion. Afterwards, visuals can summarize the meeting “at a glance” to …

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