Graphic Recording Training

The best educational experiences leave me feeling excited and a little bit nervous about what comes next. I felt both after a creative and challenging 2-day The Artful Facilitator workshop taught by graphic recorder Avril Orloff.

For me, artful facilitation is a combination of techniques that invite creativity into the room. We learned about preparing templates, agendas, and designing activities with images help participants engage to their fullest.

Here’s an example of Avril’s work, my sketchbook and part of our group project. Our case study needed to introduce creativity, and also keep the meeting on track because volunteers have busy lives. Thanks Avril for the great workshop!

Read more about graphic recording and how it can help your group here.

graphic recording
by the talented Avril Orloff :
getting to work practicing in my sketchbook
our case study was a roller derby meeting. this agenda introduces creativity from the start
graphic recording vancouver bc
Karlene designed this template to encourage a group's brainstorm
graphic recording vancouver
Karlene Harvey and I got to work together at a conference soon after the training and put our new skills to work.


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