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Marketing Visual Facilitation – with the IAF

From the March edition of the Global Flipchart with the International Association of Facilitators Sometimes I’ll get a call from a client who says: “I don’t know what you do, but I’m told that I need you.” And it’s true. You might not know that you need graphic facilitation, just like you didn’t know you …

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Visual Facilitation workshop in Greater Vancouver – report back

UPDATE: 2017 workshop registration is here! Click here to find out more. Last month, I had the pleasure of teaching a Visual Facilitation workshop to a fantastic group of people. They are colleagues who work in different areas of the same company – from training to IT – so we had a fantastic opportunity to make new …

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Trending- better conference design and visual facilitation

I want you to have better meetings. I’ve noticed a trend for better engagement at conferences, and want this idea to spread. Instead of back-to-back powerpoint presentations where people have to sit and listen for hours, it’s popular to have is a 15 – 30 minute TED-talk presentation followed by pairs or small groups talking about a focussed question. It creates a high …

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Visual Facilitation

Problem Make every meeting memorable. Solution Co-design an agenda that integrates visuals for increased engagement. Visuals for better strategic planning sessions, focus groups, and visioning sessions. I can partner with your facilitator, too. Result Visual templates and activities keep participants focused, so there’s better quality discussion. Afterwards, visuals can summarize the meeting “at a glance” to …

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Visual Facilitation and a Climate Justice Conversation

Graphic recording captured a powerful conversation about climate justice recently. A power of illustration is you can draw the future. It taps into hope, especially about climate justice. So if you have a sensitive facilitation process to lead, here are some visual facilitation elements that worked in this room. The Climate Justice Project at the Canadian Centre for Policy …

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A visual facilitation tool – try a paired photo walk

The visual facilitation challenge: a 5 day planning session, 25 elected leaders, a room with no windows. The task: engage meaningfully about the organization’s 5 strategic areas, and use visuals. It was the exact opportunity to design a new visual tool: a paired photo walk for strategic planning. Here’s why. I’m passionate about better meetings. Whatever the type of meeting, there’s probably …

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Visual Facilitation with Templates

Busy people in leadership positions need meetings that work. Visual templates help groups get focussed, fast. This week, Kevin Millsip (from Next Up) and I co-facilitated a 2.5 day meeting for the BC Federation of Labour. Kevin and I used Visual Facilitation with templates to structure the strategic planning.  At the end of the session, someone said …

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Graphic Facilitation at Creative Mornings Vancouver: Visual Language

People care when they see their ideas matter. And that’s why I love my job. Here’s my talk from Creative Mornings Vancouver. A big-hearted community creates this interesting, free breakfast event each month in 120+ cities around the globe. Proud to be part of @Vancouver_CM today + excited to announce @wacom‘s giving away #BambooSpark units #madewithwacom pic.twitter.com/a0XVM5p00h …

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Growing your visual practice business – planning tools

Most creative people want to make stuff, not run the business side of things. Maybe this is familiar: you’ve launched your visual practice business (great!) and it’s been more than a year (congratulations!) and now maybe you’re wondering – how do I get more of the work I really want?  I’m home from teaching “Beyond …

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