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graphic facilitation workshop

2018 Beyond the Basics: Graphic Facilitation Workshop in Portland, Oregon

Beyond the Basics with Graphic Facilitation The graphic facilitation and graphic field is booming – are you getting the work you want? Sophia Liang and Sam Bradd designed this course to teach what they wish someone had taught them when they started out as graphic facilitators. Experts say, in order to scale or grow your …

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Graphic Facilitation Workshop Vancouver

Teams, teaching, travel and a new reflection tool – Fall recap

Teams, teaching, travel, and a new reflection tool – it’s been a busy Fall 2017! I’m feeling so inspired by the incredible organizations and people I’ve worked with recently, and wanted to share some of the techniques we used together. There’s a variety of approaches one can use to lead visually: from graphic recording for public …

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Make an impact with visual thinking! Foundational course in Graphic Recording and Graphic Facilitation - October 28 & 29, 2017 in Vancouver Canada

2017 Graphic Recording and Facilitation Training in Vancouver, Canada

There’s no shortage of information anymore. Even when we have all the data and people in the room, it doesn’t always add up to a great meeting. What’s missing are people who can help groups make sense of information and tools to help people feel heard. This is the moment where visual thinking tools – …

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listening for diversity

How Visual Practitioners Listen for Diversity: tips from the field (long form)

As a graphic recorder or facilitator, how do you “Listen for Diversity”? Many of us are working in specialized fields and it’s not one size fits all. Now for the first time, you can read expert advice from over 20 visual practitioners. This month, I hosted a session called Listening for Diversity at the 2017 International Forum of …

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2016 Wrap-Up: Graphic Recorders Reflect on Human Nature and Communication

I was recently asked a great question by !Kona: “When you think of all the conversations where you are present as a graphic recording witness, do you have any current large scale thoughts about human nature, communication, or wants and desires?” As graphic recorders and graphic facilitators, we’re privileged to work in fascinating sessions, but it’s often behind …

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Graphic recording, flipbook, and video for VYPER

It was a great honour to team up with Valley Youth Partnership for Engagement and Respect (VYPER) – a critically needed youth-adult collaborative project that ran from 2014 to 2016, across the Fraser Health region of BC. Their mission was to create a community where all youth are healthy, sage, engaged, have meaningful opportunities, and …

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